• Must have active CNA license
  • Must have HS/GED diploma
  • Must have worked 1000 hours as CNA
  • Pass math/essay pre-requisites
  • Must be able to provide documentation needed for program
  • Cost / Funding

    • WorkOne
      • This process will take 5 weeks and you must keep your appointments and not cancel
      • 201 E. Rudisill Blvd. #102, FW.46806

  • Class Days / Times

      • Starts on Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
      • No weekends / Holidays
      • 9am - 4pm

    • Practicum (40 hours)
      • May be done at your facility with supervision or ...
      • Done at one of your education facilities with our instructor
  • You must be able to provide and upload these documents

  • Copy of ISDH certification card
  • Copy of most recent physical exam
  • Copy of tuberculin skin test
  • Copy of High School diploma or GEDs
  • Copy of picture ID and social security card
  • Copy of IN State criminal history check
  • 1000 Hour Verification Form (print and upload)

Online Pre-requisites

    step1 Click and Complete QMA Application form:

    step2 Click and Complete Math test:

    step3English Comprehension Evaluation

    Directions: Read the following paragraph aloud

    I am a new employee serving as a caregiver in a long term care facility. While I am walking down the hall during my first week of work, I see that a call light is ringing from a residents room. Although this is not my assigned resident and I do not know the resident very well, I wonder if I should stop and ask how I can assit the resident. I decide that I will stop, and so I enter the room of Mrs. Smith. When I ask what I can do to assist Mrs. Smith, she informs me that she would like a drink of water from her bedside pitcher. She also wants to be tranferred from the bed to her recliner because she is very uncomfortable. She complains of pain in her back and demands to speak with the nurse right away.

    Discussion Questions:

    1. What would you do first to assist Mrs. Smith?
    2. What would you need to do prior to attempting to transfer Mrs. Smith to the recliner?
    3. What might you ask Mrs. Smith about her oain in an effort to report to the nurse the concerns of Mrs. Smith?



    Word Count: 0

step4Please click the link below for 1000 Hr Verification document