Premier Nursing Academy emerged from the onslaught of the U.S. Department of Education and Obama Administration's rules aimed at reining in for-profit colleges. Although, this current Administration might have a different agenda, no one can deny we are over $1 trillion dollars in student loan debt and it’s escalating each year! Most importantly, these schools which were scuttled served a demographic that does not have the luxury of attending 4 year/traditional university. These students have been pushed aside and the entire Long-Term Care industry has been left scrambling on where to find their entry level Nurses. Until now…

With the closure of Medtech College, a few of us went in our own direction. Premier Nursing Academy was financed by Rob Palevich, who is the Chairman of the Board, and an active member within our Healthcare Community. From our first class to our second campus in Goshen, IN, we’ve been able to develop hundreds of C.N.A.’s and start making a dramatic impact in staffing and overall retention.

Our Program Director Juli Murphy has even wrote the book on how to pass your CNA Exam! Please click the link below:

book1 CNA RCP HACKS - Juli Murphy RN, BSN / Katlyn Setser CNA

There is a Federal Law, which requires any new CNA to have their class reimbursed by their first employer: Federal regulation at 42 CFR 483.152(c)(1). Through the development of countless partnerships throughout Indiana, we’ve been able to upfront the costs and develop classes geared to each facility’s needs. Each student will sign a Promissory Note, enforceable by Premier, to commitment to a 6-month work assignment for their tuition being sponsored. Our goal was to transform the Nursing community from the ground up; bringing in a more vibrant candidate who is already Nursing career bound. We believed if we could transition a Freshman Pre-Nursing/Health Sciences major into a CNA role, then we could not only give that candidate a free education, but provide all our partnered facilities with a superior employee for 4 years. More importantly, we would give that student 4 years relevant work experience!

To create such an institution, Juli Murphy BSN, RN was a co-worker at Medtech College and was brought on first to roll out our Certified Nurse’s Aide program. With any business, we learned quite quickly about growing pains and how our instructors are the lifeline for proper education and superior pass rates. Throughout our first year and trial and error we have been able to build a team which could challenge any reputable school in the State of Indiana.

Premier Nursing Academy is currently licensed to run C.N.A. & Q.M.A. classes in the State of Indiana. We will be adding new programs in 2018 to better serve our Healthcare Community throughout Indiana.